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Leadership Team

Algoma University’s leadership team is committed to the University's special mission and student success.

The University is governed by two bodies, the Board of Governors and the University Senate. The president and vice-chancellor, and chancellor are also key members who lead Algoma U towards its strategic goals.

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Asima C. Vezina
President and Vice-Chancellor

The President is the chief executive officer of the University and has supervision over and direction of the academic and general administration of the University, its students, managers, teaching staff and non-teaching employees.

The President reports to the Board and the Board may confer or assign other powers and duties to the President. The Board Executive (with the Board of Governors) conducts the formal Presidential Performance Review (PDF).

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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the government, conduct, management, and control of the University and its property.

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The Senate

The Senate is responsible for the educational policy of the University and may enact by-laws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs.

This includes making recommendations to the Board to establish, modify or terminate programs and courses of studies; advises the president on faculty staffing needs; appoints the Academic Dean and Faculty and Department chairs; determines curriculum and academic standards; conducts examinations and hears appeals; awards bursaries and scholarship.

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Our Chancellor

Chancellor Shirley Horn is the first-ever Chancellor of Algoma U and serves as the titular head of the institution.

The Chancellor of the University is the titular head of the institution and confers all degrees. The Chancellor is a Board member and acts as an ambassador for the University.

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