Algoma University Seeks New Chancellor

The Chancellor of the University is the titular head of the institution and confers all degrees. The Chancellor is a Board member and acts as an ambassador for the University

Algoma University is actively seeking nominations for the University’s next Chancellor for a four-year term starting on September 1, 2020 and ending on August 31, 2024. With Shirley Horn’s term as Chancellor coming to an end after Spring Convocation 2020, the Search Committee for a Chancellor has begun the search for a successor. The Committee has developed a list of duties and attributes for the role upon which nominations should be based.



Paul Quesnele
Secretary to the Board/Executive Lead Special Projects

What are the duties of a Chancellor?

The Chancellor is a volunteer who serves as the titular head of the University. The specific duties of the Chancellor include: 

  1. To assist in efforts to raise the profile of the University and to advocate on its behalf
  2. To promote the University’s special mission in relation to Anishinaabe education 
  3. To act as an ambassador for Algoma University, both officially and unofficially 
  4. To confer degrees at Convocation 
  5. To participate, as possible, in other major ceremonies or events, such as the Induction Ceremony 
  6. To assist in both friend-raising and fund-raising 
  7. To provide advice to the President, as requested. 
What are the attributes of a Chancellor?

A nominee for the position of Chancellor should possess as many of the following attributes as possible

  1. Is distinguished in their field and has a significant public profile, provincially, nationally, or internationally 
  2. Supports the general mission of the university, as well as its special mission for Anishinaabe education 
  3. Has shown an interest in Anishinaabe issues and/or connections with Anishinaabe communities or organizations 
  4. Has the personal traits necessary to be an effective advocate for the university, including speaking and relationship skills 
  5. Is a person of high integrity and strong character 
  6. Is willing to provide assistance in fund-raising or lobbying efforts 
  7. Can commit to the role, and would not be in a conflict of commitment between Algoma University and any other post-secondary institution

The Committee is reaching out to all constituencies, including the general public, for nominations which can be submitted, in confidence, via email using the downloadable Chancellor Nomination Form to the Secretary of the Board at The same email address can be used for questions about the process.

The deadline for nominations is Monday, June 15, 2020.

David Nanang, Chair, Board of Governors
Shelley J. Schell, Vice Chair, Board of Governors
Asima Vezina,  President & Vice-Chancellor



Current Chancellor

Shirley Horn is the first-ever Chancellor of Algoma University, effective June 13th, 2015. She was sworn in at the University’s annual Convocation ceremony, thereby commencing her term.

Horn is from Chapleau, Ontario, and at the age of five was sent to St. Johns Indian Residential School. She was then transferred to the Shingwauk Indian Residential School at the age of seven, where she remained for six years. In 1981, she helped found the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association (CSAA), a constructive organization that has been a leader at the national level on the residential school issue. She remained in a leadership position with the organization for 34 years.

In 2005, Horn returned to the Shingwauk Indian School Residential School site – now the home of Algoma University – to enroll in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.  As a rare graduate of both the Residential School and the University, she received a standing ovation at Convocation in 2009. In 2015, she received the Alumni Achievement Award from the Algoma University Alumni Council.

Horn has been Chief of her own community, the Missanabie Cree First Nation for 10 years, and has also been a member of the Missanabie Cree Elders’ Council. Horn is also Co-Founder of the Echoes of the World Drum Festival, a former member of the Shingwauk Education Trust (SET), and an accomplished artist. Her piece, Project of the Heart, is on permanent display outside of the Doc Brown Lounge at Algoma U.

Chancellor Horn serves as the titular head of the institution. She participates in major ceremonies and events, including the annual September Induction as well as Convocation. Horn confers all degrees. By acting as an ambassador of Algoma U, she also helps to raise the profile of the University as well as assist in both relationship-building and fundraising initiatives. Horn provides support to the University President, as requested, and promotes the University’s special mission in regards to Anishinaabe education.

algoma u chancellor delivering a speech at graduation
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