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Algoma Connect Program

Free Math Tutoring For Those Heading to University This Fall

The Algoma Connect Program (ACP), is a new program developed by Algoma University in partnership with the Algoma District School Board (ADSB), the Huron Superior Catholic District School Board (HSCDSB), and the Mathematics Knowledge Network. The ACP program is offering free regular mathematics support to all students in Grade 11 and 12 from the two boards. This support is one-on-one tutoring with a university student that will happen virtually.


Darren Vaughan
Algoma Connect Coordinator

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The purpose of ACP is to give back to the community and offer a structured means for students to improve their academic skills before entering university-level education. Algoma University student tutors, in collaboration with staff from ADSB and HSCDSB and the Algoma University Support Team, will facilitate the remote preparation of high school students for their assignments and exams in math courses. Further, high school students will be offered the opportunity to ladder into Algoma’s University Academic Preparation Program, where they can take courses to improve their literacy and numeracy skills in July and August 2020, before entering university.

Extent of Engagement with High School Students

Algoma University Tutors will provide tutoring help to high school students for 11 hrs/week/tutor. Tutors will undergo a rigorous 10-hour training program as well as their Vulnerable Sector Check before working with high school students. This assistance will be maintained not only during the remaining high school year (May-June 2020), but also during the courses offered by the Algoma University Access Program in July-August 2020 (at the usual university tutoring assistance levels). High school students can access both one-one-one mentoring opportunities as well as group mentoring sessions.

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How is the program managed?

The Algoma University Team will identify the best student mentors for this task and train them. The AU team will work with small teams at the two local school boards to sort out any details needed as well as identify the best way to assist the learning and preparation of high school students. Student mentors will be supervised and assisted by an Algoma University team, composed of a head tutor (to answer math-related questions from tutors) and an Algoma Connect Program Coordinator.

How can high school students access help?

Algoma District and Huron Superior Catholic District School Board Team members will identify and provide a list of students interested in this program. Tutors will make use of existing Algoma University platforms to deliver services (CMS and Google suite; such as Gmail, Google Meet, Google Chat, and Google Doc) as well as mathematics open-access software, such as GeoGebra and Desmos. Specific requests for access that go beyond these tools may involve obtaining parental consent. High school students will be provided with the list and contact information of AU student tutors. Algoma University student tutors will deliver both one-on-one instructions as well as group mentoring sessions, depending on the needs of students.

What is the cost of this program to students/parents?

The tutoring is free to all interested students this year during May and June 2020. The literacy and numeracy course tuition (in the context of the Algoma University Academic Preparatory Program) is free for students registered to enter Algoma U in September 2020. Students intending to go to other universities will be assessed the usual tuition rates in effect. Students needing tutoring while attending the AU courses in July and August 2020 will have access to 6 hours of free tutoring per course.

How many hours will Algoma University student tutors be available for tutoring per week?

Each student tutor will provide 11 hrs of tutoring per week and will be remunerated for 4 hrs of preparatory time and contact time with the Algoma Connect Program Coordinator.