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Peer Mentorship

Students helping students. Think back to your first semester on campus and all of the things you needed to know, or wish you knew. You probably had a lot of questions and maybe even felt a little bit overwhelmed.

This is why our Peer Mentoring Program is designed to take knowledgeable upper-year students and have them help navigate and support lower-year students through their university experience. The peers can guide students regarding everything from academic to health support, and encourage them to take part in student life and co-curricular activities.

I Need a Mentor

Are you a new student to Algoma University and looking for some help? This program is designed to utilize the experiences of other students who have a sound knowledge of the university community and a genuine interest in helping others. If you would like an mentor to help you navigate through university, please fill out the application below!

Become a Peer Mentor

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? We are seeking knowledgeable, motivated and caring upper-year students who want to inspire and support new students who are coming to Algoma U and make their first year with us an enjoyable experience. You wouldn’t be alone through this either, as training and support is provided to all of our peer mentors.

Why become a peer mentor? This is your chance to make a difference in the life of an AU student and empower others to succeed. On top of helping others, you can also benefit from this experience by developing your leadership and communication skills, meeting new people, networking with faculty and staff, as well as gaining Co-Curricular Record.

If this sounds like the experience for you, please fill out the application below!

Application Forms