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Written by students, for students

Our talented student writers have created this page to share some of their stories, tips, opportunities, and resources with future and new students. 


December 7, 2020: Tips for Preparing for Exams

Whether it’s 2 weeks until your exam or one day, we all get a little anxious. Here are some tips and tricks to help calm that anxiety and nerves so you’re not only able to focus and process a lot of information when studying but you will also feel and do your very best on your exams. three students working together on their laptops

  1. Start your day off right: by doing some breathing techniques, some yoga or simply writing affirmations for yourself you’ll begin your day feeling relaxed and positive. 
  2. Keep your study space organized: we don’t always take this into consideration as we’re too busy about all the hours we’re about to put into studying but having a clean and organized study space will have you not only feeling your best but will also create a more positive environment. Make sure all distractions are out of sight or switched off and since we’re all at home for exams, make sure you’re sitting somewhere comfortable and away from your bed. 
  3. Take regular breaks: you should take a 10 minute break every 1-1.5 hours. It will not only help you remember information more effectively but it improves concentration and motivation.
  4. Find ways to keep focused: For those people who study better when it’s completely silent, putting in earphones/headphones/earplugs without any music helps block out and soften any sounds around you. Also, utilizing blankets and towels you have by rolling them up and covering the crack under your door or hanging them over windows/walls as those can stop sounds from bouncing off. For those who study better with some music and are looking for some new instrumentals, these are some of my favourites: 
  1. Remember to drink plenty of water: it’s very easy to forget this and I’m quite guilty of this myself but being well hydrated is a key part for your brain to function at its very best. It also helps you from feeling fatigue or discomfort.



December 1st, 2020: Meet a Student from the Brampton Campus

Meet Areeba Anis! Areeba is in her third year in the BBA program, minoring in human resource management at the Brampton campus.

student headshotQuestion 1: What are your future endeavours after Algoma U?

I have many plans after my graduation but the main focus for me is to look for a job in my desired field and to pursue my CHRP certification which will help me grow in my career professionally and develop more knowledge in the business world.

Question 2: What do you like most about Algoma U?

One thing that I like about Algoma is how diverse it is, everyone has their own story to tell, and how multicultural the university is. It has always supported its students with their cultural events, and to provide services like online tutorials and one on one tutoring that can help them succeed in their studies.

Question 3: What opportunities have you found Algoma U has given you?

An opportunity that I found in Algoma U is to be a part of Algoma University Business Society Brampton (AUBS) achieving a position as the Human Resource Director. A major benefit I got in AUBS was to build my networking and to connect with people who could be working in your future profession.

Question 4: Most memorable moment (to date) at Algoma U?

The most memorable moment was when Algoma U planned a ski trip for the students and it was a great way to spend time after exams since it gets all hectic. Therefore, it was very uplifting and I enjoyed it all with my friends.



November 10, 2020: Meet a Student from the Brampton Campus

Meet Anesu Ian Nambware! Anesu is in his first year in the BBA program, minoring in economics and finance at the Brampton campus.

Question 1: What are your future endeavours after Algoma U?

My future endeavours after Algoma University involves Economics and finance, which will not only prepare me for a successful career, but also allow me to give back to my home country as an international student.

Question 2: What do you like most about Algoma U?

The people I have always felt made any event special. Especially the student advisors who generally have been really supporting.The world class professors. Really it is the people that make it a great place.

Question 3: What opportunities have you found Algoma U has given you?

It has given me the opportunity to learn about Canada a lot more, and how to assimilate myself into the environment. And also the many co-op options available to students like me.

Question 4: Most memorable moment (to date) at Algoma?

Hands down would be game night. Making terrible puns, playing games, having fun and bonding in general. I would like to do it again with everyone once the pandemic is done.



November 3rd, 2020: Meet a Student from the Sault Ste. Marie Campus

Meet Kayla! Kayla is in her 3rd year in our BA Accounting program at our SSM campus.

student headshotQuestion 1: What are your future endeavours after Algoma U?

With this bachelor’s degree I feel it is making me prepared for my future career as an auditor. The accounting program at Algoma has allowed me to be exposed to many aspects of the business world.

Question 2: What do you like most about Algoma U?

One of my favourite things about Algoma U are the small class sizes and close-knit community. The small class sizes allow me and other classmates to ask questions and get the help we need to be successful. The close-knit community has allowed me to make many friends in my program as well as outside of my program. 

Question 3: What opportunities have you found Algoma U has given you?

An opportunity that Algoma U has given is a positive learning environment that can help me be successful. Algoma has many resources that aid me in reaching my academic goals and it has been a positive experience thus far. The smaller campus allows students to create relationships with faculty members to make it possible to do the best you can. 

Question 4: Most memorable moment (to date) at Algoma U?

My most memorable moment at Algoma U was my residence experience in my first year. The dorms are really nice, and everyone is super welcoming. Residence is where I made many of my friends and it was a super easy adjustment to make moving away from home. I would recommend residence to new-coming students to make new friends and memories right from the start. 



November 1st, 2020: Meet a Student from the Sault Ste. Marie Campus

Meet Victoria! Victoria is in her third year in the HBA Social Work program at pur SSM campus!

Question 1: What are your future endeavours after Algoma U?

Once I have achieved my degree in social work at Algoma University I plan to apply to law school. My dream is to be an advocate for children in the foster care system and be a legal representative within the system.

Question 2: What do you like most about Algoma U?

Algoma University is a university that is all about inclusiveness. This university strives to ensure that student life and the overall experience of attending the university is a welcoming and open environment. What I like most about Algoma University is how safe I feel being a part of the community and the welcoming atmosphere that is offered.

Question 3: What opportunities have you found Algoma U has given you?

Algoma University has offered me a world of opportunities, especially in regards to me being my best self academically. From offering resources such as a writing lab which aids students with papers and research, to having available tutoring sessions for different courses, there are so many opportunities the university has offered in order for student’s including myself to strive academically.

Question 4: Most memorable moment (to date) at Algoma U?

My most memorable moment to date at Algoma University was when the varsity women’s basketball team (which I am a part of) beat one of the best teams in the Ontario University Athletics women’s basketball league. It was so amazing to see so many members of the Algoma U community coming out and coming together to support one of the school’s athletic teams. Seeing the bleachers filled with fans and everyone having such a good time together is definitely a moment in my university career that I will keep with me forever. 



Oct 27th, 2020: Halloween costume ideas

Spooky season is here, and who doesn’t love dressing up! This year may be a little different than the other but a stand out costume will always make the season more enjoyable! Here are some of our favourites:

These photos were taken in 2019

Unable to purchase a costume? No problem!! Take a look at these links below to find some super easy and fun DIY costumes for both you and your family!

Be sure to check out our T-bird Tuesday’s tonight from 5-6pm!



October 15, 2020: How to Deal with Online Classes

Hey T-birds! Hoping all of your classes are going well this term. We know it has been difficult for some with the change to online classes, but we are here to give you some tips to try and make everything a little less stressful. These are some crazy times but getting an education is still very important. Here are some things you can do to maybe help with your workload. 

    1. Make a schedule: Find all of your due dates for all of your classes and put them on a calendar. This will help keep you on track with when you need to work on and hand in your assignments. It also doesn’t hurt to colour code. 
    2. Set time aside each day to work on your assignments: This can be working on an assignment or even just taking notes! Being ahead is better than falling behind. 
    3. Treat online lectures as if it is a face-to-face class: Try not to be laying in your bed when attending your online lectures, sit at a table or a desk so you can stay engaged. 
    4. Reach out to your other classmates and professors: Online classes can get lonely so by reaching out to you fellow classmates you can stay motivated and do some work together (virtually). Continue to send out emails to your professors when you are confused and don’t be afraid to ask questions!! They are always there to help. 
  • Start your day off as if you were going to school in person: It can be very tempting and easy to fall into the habit of staying in pajamas all day but that will result in you feeling tired and drained. By changing out of your pyjamas and getting ready, you’ll be left feeling energized, ready and prepared to take on the day ahead.
  • Remember to stay Hydrated: Not drinking enough water can have negative effects on your mental, physical and emotional health. Remember to drink lots of water daily!

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October 1st, 2020: Meet our writers and get to know who you will be interacting virtually with!

Hey! My name is Charlotte and I am currently in my second year at Algoma University, Brampton campus. I’m studying Business Administration with a double minor in Human Resources and Marketing. I am a part of the Algoma University Business Society (AUBS) as the merchandise director, website designer and acting VP of event planning. I am also currently working as a Recruitment Assistant under the work study program. AU has always provided me with assistance, guidance and support in and throughout my school life. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about AUBS, applications, etc. and I look forward to getting to know you!


Hi! My name is Keyra and I am currently in my third year at Algoma U, Sault Ste Marie campus, working towards a HBA Psychology along with a minor in human development. I am also a part of the women’s basketball team and in charge of the social media for our varsity council! Currently I am working with our Recruitment team in our work study program! Algoma U has always offered me great opportunities and continues to help me become a better student in and out of the classroom! I am always around to answer any questions regarding applications, varsity, residence etc.