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As you navigate through your years with us at Algoma U, we’re here to provide guidance so that you’re never feeling alone. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your personal success by providing a range of academic and social supports for the entire student population. From this, you will acquire a strong foundation that meets the challenges and opportunities that come during and after university.


For the 21W term, the majority of Algoma University’s academic programs and courses will be delivered remotely (view official Communication Memo). To learn more about what to expect with online learning, please view our online/remote learning section of the website.

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Student Success

Algoma University is committed to ensuring that our students succeed and have the most enjoyable University experience. Take advantage of a variety of academic support services to ensure academic success as well as career planning tips.

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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning engages students in hands-on experiences that connect theory to practice, and builds transferable skills highly sought after by employers. In other words, participating in EL as part of your university experience can help you connect to your future career!

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Our Courses

For more detailed information on our courses, please visit our courses schedule section

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Exam Schedules

For information on the time, date, and location of exams at Algoma U, please view the exam schedule.

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Academic Dishonesty

Q: What happens when I’ve been accused of committing an act of academic dishonesty?

A: Academic dishonesty follows the Disciplinary Regulations on Academic Dishonesty Policy (PDF). The professor may assign penalties as outlined in the policy by completing and submitting an Academic Dishonesty Form (PDF). The student shall be contacted for an Appeals Committee to hear the evidence of the professor and student.

Grade Appeals

Q: How long do I have to appeal a grade?

A: A student must initiate an appeal of a grade at any time before, or within 15 days of the release of the official report of grades for the course involved.


Q: Can I appeal a single paper or exam?

A: Yes, a student can appeal a single assignment, test, essay, or the final grade for a course 15 days after receiving the official mark.


Q: What is the appeal process?

A: An outline of the appeal process can be found in the Grade Appeal Policy.

Other Academic Policies

Sexual Misconduct

View our Sexual Violence Resources and Supports webpage.

Respectful Workplace

Q: What if I have a concern about the behaviour of a staff or faculty member?

A: If you have a complaint or concern about a staff or faculty member’s behaviour you may contact You can also review the Respectful Workplace Policy (PDF) to see what Code of Conduct applies to staff and faculty at Algoma U. Any breach of the Code of Conduct – Respectful Workplace Policy should be reported within 7 days of learning about the breach or observing it.

Q: If I am a student worker and have a complaint about workplace violence, harassment, or safety, who do I contact?

A: You may contact with your concern.

Other Non-Academic/Student Life Policies

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