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Return to Campus (RTC) FAQ

Last updated: January 7, 11:30PM

Algoma University continues to take proactive steps to ensure student success and the safety and wellbeing of our university community across all three of our campuses. As we shift into the Fall 2020 term, a number of Return to Campus (RTC) measures have been put in place to address the evolving nature of the global pandemic that has impacted all aspects of society. It is imperative that we all follow these measures and remember to be respectful and courteous to each other as we work through these changes together.  The following document has been created to help address/clarify the frequently asked questions coming out of the Return to Campus process.

Should you have a question that is not addressed below, please email covid@algomau.ca.

Campus specific questions will be clearly identified within the text, otherwise the answers apply to all campuses:



Be sure to follow our social media @algomau, @AUSU82, and our Youtube channel for updates on ways to virtually spend time together and support one another.


The Ontario Government implemented a provincial wide mask policy, that resulted in minor changes to our existing Algoma University Mask Policy. Please review the updated mask policy here.

Masks must  be worn in all public areas on all three campuses. 

This means that as soon as you enter any University building, you are required to have a mask on.  Masks must be worn as you move throughout the buildings. You may take your mask off once you are seated.

If you share an office, or your office is connected to a shared office, as soon as you stand, you must put on your mask.

Meetings should remain virtual but if a meeting has to occur in person and you cannot maintain social distancing, you must wear your mask. 


One non-medical mask will be provided to each employee and student for all three campuses.  Employees will receive their mask after they receive their return to campus training.

Student mask distribution will occur in early September.


If employees/students  would prefer to make or purchase their own, they can go ahead and do so.  It is encouraged for employees to make/purchase additional masks as they feel necessary.  

If you do not require a university provided mask because you have your own, please do not take one.  These masks are being provided to all employees and for students once they return to campus.

Masks are recommended to be 3-ply. Face-shields are not an acceptable form of face coverings.

The requirements to wear the masks will remain the same.

Masks should be taken on and off from the strings and placed in a zip lock bag when not in use.  Your mask should cover your mouth, nose, chin and cheeks.  Masks should be washed regularly (DO NOT place them in the microwave). 

A limited supply of disposable masks will be available at Security in the main building (by Z door) in Sault Ste. Marie and in the admin office on the Brampton campus.


Some employees and students may require medical accomodation to not wear a mask in public spaces on campus.

We ask that everyone be friendly and courteous to each other.  As we return to campus, it will be important to remind each other of the guidelines that are in place. If someone indicates they are not wearing a mask for medical reasons, that is okay.  Please be respectful of their personal situation. 

Should you be in need of an accommodation, please email brianne.pringle@algomau.ca


At this time, all Algoma University travel is suspended, unless prior approval from the President.  No employees should be booking University related travel until notice is provided that the travel ban has been eased or lifted completely.

Effective December 26, 2020, and until further notice, anyone who travels outside the Algoma region will not be permitted to come to campus for 14-days. Students in residence who have travelled outside of the Algoma Public Health region will be required to follow an isolation protocol upon their return to residence.


Meetings are to remain virtual where possible.  Offices and designated spaces of an appropriate size have been allocated should an in-person meeting with a staff, faculty member or external partner be absolutely required.  Any such meetings are by appointment only.

No walk-in appointments are allowed at this time.

Faculty who do not have an office on campus are able to access the faculty pod via the online booking system:

A Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for In-Person meetings has been developed to better support our community through this process.

To review the SOP please click here.

The SSM campus has additional meeting spaces available for bookings.  The important highlights of requirements to book meetings include:

  • All gatherings on campus must be submitted through this form to ensure the University has the ability to maintain proper levels and flow of traffic on campus

  • No external bookings (I.E only AU community members are able to book spaces for AU community related events)

  • The maximum capacity for any non-academic/non-work related gatherings is 10 participants for indoor gatherings and 25 participants for outdoor gatherings

 To book a gathering space on the SSM campus, please click here.

In addition, a Gathering Forms Resource Document (PDF) has also been created to support these bookings.

Prior to access being granted to return to campus, all employees must participate in Return to Campus (RTC) Training.  To sign up for a training session, please contact brianne.pringle@algomau.ca.

We have partnered with a local Sault Ste. Marie company, ​SaniTrakr​, to help us implement these procedures. Through the implementation of active screening, we are reinforcing our existing safety protocols, and ensuring that we have measures in place to properly track individuals on campus and those who are not feeling well.

This new screening tool will be in place for ​November 30, 2020​.

Employees and students will be required to use the new​ Active Screening Tool ​and swipe their access card upon arrival to the main building in Sault Ste. Marie starting on ​November 30th​. All employees, students and the public will be required to check-in upon arrival on campus. The mandatory check-in point will be located at the security desk in the lobby of the Main Building. Access to the main building will only be through Z and U doors.

The Convergence Centre (CC) building will be​ closed ​to the public for the remainder of the calendar year and will only be accessible to those with permission via swipe card. In the new year, the CC building will follow the same protocols as the Main Building.

Brampton employees/students will access the building as normal via swipe card and be required to use the Active Screening Tool.

We have developed an easy How To Guide to help users through this process.


The Return to Campus approach is campus, department and employee specific, allowing for flexibility as needed.  Child Care needs was one of the things we asked employees to bring forward as a concern regarding RTC – employees and management officers should be working together for what makes sense for them and their team.

Water fountains will not be accessible at this time.  Employees are encouraged to bring water from home.


Brampton: Our sensored bottle filler fountain will continue to be accessible.


Sault Ste. Marie: The only exception to this is the sensored bottle filler fountains located by A door in the main building and inside the GLC. 

Brampton:  The Brampton campus will be cleaned twice daily Monday – Friday.  The secondary cleaning, during the day, will clean down all touchable surfaces (washrooms, doors, chair arms, high traffic touch areas etc) and shared work spaces.  

Wipes have been made available in multiple areas of the campus to allow both employees and students to wipe down shared equipment before and after use. 


Sault Ste. Marie: The Sault Ste. Marie campus will have frequent and ongoing cleaning of all touchable surfaces throughout the day.  Multi-use washrooms will be cleaned a minimum of two times a day and single use washrooms will be cleared at least three times a day. 

For shared office spaces, Physical Plant has a copy of the department schedule and will ensure cleaning of the offices occurs between usage of the two employees.

Wipes have been made available in multiple areas of the campus to allow both employees and students to wipe down shared equipment both before and after and use. 


Timmins: Please see Northern Colleges COVID protocols for full details.

At this time COVID-19 policies and best practices will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  All direction will be taken by both the provincial and federal government and public health in all three regions.  It is important to stay up-to-date with your specific campus protocols to ensure you are keeping yourself and others safe. 


Should an employee require an accommodation related to COVID-19, please email brianne.pringle@algomau.ca in Human Resources, to set-up a meeting to discuss accommodation requirements. 

Students should email healthservices@algomau.ca to set-up a meeting with a staff member to discuss accommodation requirements. 

Algoma University is paying close attention to case counts and possible implications across all three campuses. 

For the fall, our employees will continue to work a hybrid model, where they will work both from home and from campus.  This will allow a smooth transition back to their home offices, should the need to do so arise. 

Classes for the fall semester will remain online supported, which means students would not be impacted by a second wave in the fall.  Some services offered on the campus may be impacted and we ask that students pay close attention to their emails and the COVID-19 webpage.

The Cafeteria and Tim Hortons will remain closed for the Fall semester.  Students living on campus should have received information regarding available food options.  If you did not receive this information, please contact housing@algomau.ca.

Employees will be able to order lunch through the vendor supplying food to our Resident’s students.  

Vending Machines will still be available and a coffee vending machine will be added to the main building.

Students: Meetings are to remain virtual. However, designated spaces have been allocated should an in-person meeting with a staff member be absolutely required.  Any such meetings are by appointment only.  No walk-in appointments will be allowed.

Both the Brampton and Sault Ste. Marie campus will have spaces available for personal study.


Employees: Meetings are to remain virtual, where possible.  Offices and designated spaces of an appropriate size have been allocated should an in-person meeting with a staff, faculty member or external partner be absolutely required.  Any such meetings are by appointment only. No walk-in appointments will be allowed.

Faculty who do not have an office on campus will be able to access the faculty pod via an online booking system. 

Some spaces have been allocated for gatherings/events.   

(Link in-person meeting protocols)

Much like other institutions and organizations across Ontario, we have put in place protocols that will help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  This means that at this time, there are no restrictions for spouses/family members of essential workers and their access to campus.

Of course, if there are other circumstances for that individual that may impact their return they can email brianne.pringle@algomau.ca and we can work together on the best options for them.