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Quarantine/Arrival Information

Below you will find information on how to safely travel to Canada under Algoma University's approved Quarantine Readiness Plan.

The steps outlined below are the approved process for students entering Canada as a part of the Algoma University community. Any students not compliant with the below steps will be independently responsible for any consequence of breach of these regulations. 


If you have any questions regarding the Quarantine/Arrival information, please email arrival@algomau.ca.

Important Travel Dates

Students travelling for the Spring/Summer 2021 semester are eligible to travel until June 30, 2021. You must notify the Arrival Team at least 3 weeks in advance of your travel plans, or we will be unable to support your travel and provide travel documents. Please note, you must be registered in Spring/Summer 2021 courses to proceed with the arrival process during this semester.




Please be advised that Algoma University does not offer any claim of the efficacy of the Travel Support Letter or the Readiness Plan to gain entry to Canada and you will be traveling at your own risk. The university assumes no responsibility for expenses beyond the quarantine plan that may be incurred.


Quarantine Readiness Plan Guide

3 weeks prior to travel

  • I have been accepted to Algoma University
  • I am registered for classes for the Spring/Summer 2021 semester. You can verify this by looking at your Academic Summary in your Student Portal. 
  • I am in possession of a valid Study Permit or a letter stating that you have been approved for a Study Permit.
  • I am in possession of a valid Temporary Resident Visa, if required.

3 weeks prior to travel

  • Receive Flight Confirmation 

3 weeks prior to travel

  • The Algoma University Arrival Team will assist you with booking your accommodation
  • Receive accommodation confirmation from hotel

2 weeks prior to travel

1-2 weeks prior to travel

  • Complete a Pre-Arrival Presentation and Quiz (these will be sent to your email upon submission of the Arrival Form)
  • When you successfully complete the Pre-Arrival Presentation and Quiz, you will be sent travel documents from the Arrival Team

1 week prior to travel

  • Documents received upon completion of steps 1-6:
    • Arrival Form Submission Confirmation
    • Flight Confirmation
    • Accommodation Confirmation 
  • Documents received following successful Pre-Arrival Completion (step 7):
    • Travel Support Letter 
    • Quarantine Plan Letter 
    • UHIP card 
  • ArriveCAN App (this is mandatory!)
    • Download the App 
    • Complete your profile and the Self-Assessment prior to travel
    • Complete daily requirements via the app
  • COVID Alert App
  • Email arrival@algomau.ca 
    • Communicate any changes to your travel plans along the way
    • Communicate you have arrived safely to your quarantine location