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Prospective Student FAQ: International & Domestic

We understand that many of you and your families would like to learn more about what our great university has to offer. Thanks to technology, there are many ways for future students to stay connected with the Algoma U community during social isolation.

Algoma University is carefully monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and recognize that its impact may create uncertainty for our offer holders and future students. Below, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


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Algoma University understands the restrictions that applicants around the world are facing due to COVID-19. In light of this, we have decided to extend our Fall payment deadline for all students to July 31st, 2020. As of now, this will be the last day for Algoma University to receive any tuition deposits for the Fall (September) term.

The Canadian government has closed its borders to all non-residents. There is an exception to this, however – students who already possess a valid study permit or who were approved to be issued a study permit prior to March 18th and are required to be in Canada to complete coursework, will be allowed to enter and re-enter Canada, as long as they are committing to self-quarantining practices for 14 days upon arrival. Algoma University has made the decision to offer the 20 Fall semester completely online. As such, travel to Canada to carry out 20F semester studies would likely be determined to be discretionary by CBSA and entry would likely be refused.  At this time, we are asking students who are currently outside of Canada not to make plans to travel.

Algoma University is aware that English language testing centres in some affected areas are closed and students may not be able to sit for their testing. If you are applying to any of our programs and are affected by the closure of testing centres, your application will be assessed without English Language Proficiency Test results, and conditional offers of admission will be extended until we are able to receive those results. You will need to submit an official English Language test score before the start of your study period to avoid the rescinding of your offer.

Algoma University understands the precautions that families and individuals are taking during this time. We have moved all course offerings to a technologically-assisted learning format via our online platforms, and you are encouraged not to come to Canada at the beginning of your studies. Algoma University plans to return to face-to-face learning only once we feel that it is possible for staff and students to do so safely. If you would like to defer to the next available intake session, please email your agent to request this change; if you do not have an agent, please email international@algomau.ca. If you would like to withdraw from your enrollment due to travel concerns, please reach out to your agent or accounts@algomau.ca.

Algoma University recognizes that we must also do our part to ‘flatten the curve’, which has resulted in all non-essential university staff currently working from home. Due to this measure, you can expect delays in processing time; we are working hard to ensure that everyone who has applied for the Fall and Winter terms receives an admissions decision over the next several weeks, and we will be prioritizing applications in the order of their submission.

Yes, If you have submitted an application for a Study Permit  you may begin your coursework online and still be eligible to use that coursework to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit, contingent on the successful approval of your Study Permit application.  Students may complete up to 50% of their coursework outside of Canada while still maintaining eligibility for the PGWP program.

If you have received a conditional offer from Algoma University, you would normally be required to submit your final transcripts with a minimum score or submit an official copy of your completed studies plus graduation diploma. In the event that you are unable to provide the admissions office with your final transcript or the completion of your current studies will be delayed, please contact the International Admissions department at intl-admissions@algomau.ca where we will determine your program eligibility and provide you with further guidance on how to proceed.

Because all staff members are currently working from home, you should expect a moderate delay in all services offered by the University. With that said, please be assured that we are working as efficiently as possible to issue all refund requests. If you applied through an agent, please contact them directly regarding status updates on your refund.

Algoma University has made the decision to continue all 2020 Fall courses in an online, remote format. Because you will not be required to attend in-person classes until January (at the earliest), all Fall 2020 and January 2021 applicants should be working to obtain a study permit that begins in January 2021. At this time, we are asking applicants to contact intl-admission@algomau.ca to obtain up-to-date documentation for their study permit application.

Provided that your invitation letter for your study permit has a validity date greater than your start date for January, you will not need to apply for a new study permit.  Should you wish to join us in January, you should contact Admissions (intl-admissions@algomau.ca) to request a new offer letter and Letter of Acceptance. These documents will be useful at the Port of Entry.

Yes – you should proceed with your tuition deposit as normal. We recommend you contact intl-admission@algomau.ca to obtain up-to-date documentation to support your study permit application. If you are refused a study permit at the Port of Entry(POE), you may be eligible for a refund of your deposit. The university will require that you provide evidence of this refusal in order to process your refund request.

Algoma University understands the delays that students are facing in attempts to obtain their study permit. We are allowing all international students who are scheduled to start in September 2020 to begin their studies without a study permit, however you must submit proof that you have applied for your study permit before you begin your studies.

As we look to the Winter Term, we are consulting closely with the University sector across the province and country as we consider changes to restrictions (loosening or tightening). We will once again include many parties in the decision-making process and hope to announce within the next several weeks how classes will be delivered starting in January.  

Unfortunately, at this time Algoma University is not issuing essential travel letters for our 2020 Fall semester. As the Fall semester is being delivered completely online, student travel to Canada for this term will likely be deemed as non-essential by both airlines and Canada Border Services Agency(CBSA) officers. A letter from Algoma University would only be able to state that coming to Canada would be beneficial to students, not essential; the effect of such a letter would not likely result in entry to Canada. It is also important to consider that any refusal at the port of entry by CBSA would need to be reported on any future immigration application a student would make. As such, we are recommending that you do not make travel arrangements at this time.

We understand that you are facing challenges related to online study from your home country.  Algoma University is currently reviewing our stance on travel letters and additional measures we can take to improve our student’s learning experiences. The information you have shared will help us make our decision on how we are supporting students in the upcoming term. We expect to communicate some of our decisions with our incoming students in the coming weeks.

Absolutely! If you’re hoping to study with us full-time Fall, you must apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre at ouac.on.ca. Make sure to contact your highschool Guidance Counsellor to retrieve your application pin. 


Yes! Algoma University has open enrollment for all degree programs which allows students to be flexible when they accept their offer. However, we do still encourage students to accept their offer before the June 1st deadline.

If you are hoping to live on campus, please note that residence is only guaranteed to first-year students if you apply and submit your deposit before June 1st, 2020. For information, please visit https://www.algomau.ca/students/residence-life/residence-application/.

Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis as new grades are uploaded through OUAC. We expect all students should have a final decision by mid-July 2020. For information in regards to your application, please email your Admissions Advisor. 

Sault Ste. Marie applicants: Taylor Jaehrling, taylor.jaehrling@algomau.ca

Brampton applicants: Jamal Muckett-Sobers, jamal.muckett-sobers@algomau.ca

Please don’t worry –  a change in your school’s grading processes will not negatively impact your admission! We will work with you and your school to ensure that your application is assessed fairly. 

If your school or exam provider cancels final exams or adjusts its usual grading practices, we will consider the results reported by your school or exam provider.

Absolutely! You can defer your offer of admission for up to one year calendar year. To hold your spot, you cannot attend any studies (post-secondary OR secondary) during your break or your offer will be revoked and you will have to reapply. 

Please note: if you choose to defer your offer, we request that you send an email to regoffice@algomau.ca outlining the reasons why you would like to defer and when is your intended start date (ie September 2021). If you’ve qualified for an Entrance Scholarship, please indicate that you would also like to defer your scholarship until the intended start date. 

Applications for Residence are being accepted until June 1st, 2020. Due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19 residence space is limited.

For more information or to apply, please visit https://www.algomau.ca/students/residence-life/residence-application/.

Prospective/New Students

Find out more about all of the ways you stay connected with us by visiting the Future Student webpage.

Students who are unable to complete their college credential, with one term remaining, will be offered admission based on their current GPA, three terms for a two-year diploma, or five terms for an advanced diploma.  Transfer credits will be assessed once the college credential is awarded based on the current transfer credit framework or by way of any exceptional agreement. Final transcript indicating college credential completed must be submitted during their first academic year of study. 

For college transfers, one term of college experience will suffice for admission based on a minimum term GPA of 2.00 however no transfer credits awarded.

Scholarships [entrance/pathway/university transfer] will be determined on current average or GPA when the offer of admission was released to the student.  Adjustments will be made once the University is in receipt of final transcripts indicating credential awarded. 

Normally Pathways scholarships are awarded to college diploma graduates who have completed their diploma within 12 months of their start term at Algoma University.  This will be extended to 18 months in order to accommodate students who will require additional time to complete their studies or transition to university. 

In all cases where entrance requirements are not being met, consideration will be given on an individual basis.

College students can apply right up until the term begins, however, we advise that students do so early to ensure there is ample time to obtain the required materials and the opportunity to discuss the course requirements and create a schedule with a Faculty Advisor.

Once an offer of admission has been issued, you will be able to defer your start term to a subsequent semester as long as there has been no change to your academic history.

Unofficial transcripts can be used for application evaluation and assessment purposes and if admission requirements are met, a conditional offer will be issued. 

If you have applied through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) you will have the option to have your transcript sent electronically from your school. If you applied through the Algoma U application portal, you are able to upload your transcripts at any time throughout the application process.

At this time we are not accepting phone calls, however, please email admissions@algomau.ca or collegeoutreach@algomau.ca and you will receive a follow-up reply to your email.

Additional FAQ updates for domestic and international applicants will be added on an ongoing basis.