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COVID-19 Information & University Updates

This page has been created to provide our students, faculty, and staff with the latest information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As the COVID-19 situation evolves, Algoma University continues to take proactive steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our University community across all three campuses.

Government of Canada Updates

The link above will take you directly to the Government of Canada’s website with the latest updates on COVID-19 (previously referred to as 2019 novel coronavirus; 2019-nCoV).

Online/Remote Learning

World-class learning for anyone, anywhere

A lot of things are on hold right now, but your education doesn’t have to be. Classes for the Fall Term 2020 will not be held face-to-face at any of our campuses (Sault Ste. Marie, Brampton, Timmins). Courses available will be delivered remotely through technologically assisted instruction. We’re committed to helping you continue learning with an array of online courses that span degrees, disciplines and fields. Study remotely and get to know your future at Algoma University.

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Register for your courses

Registration for Fall 2020 is now open!

The entire suite of Fall courses available to students will be delivered remotely through technologically assisted instruction, given that physical distancing measures will continue for some weeks.

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Public Health Agency of Canada COVID-19 Guidelines

Please take a moment to review the below Public Health Agency of Canada COVID-19 guidelines. Take care of yourself and each other by practising social distancing, washing your hands, and staying home. Together, we can flatten the curve.

1. Are you or your friends and family returning to Canada from vacation or other travels?

Welcome home!  And please stay home.  Avoid contact with others for 14 days. This important preventive action protects your loved ones and your community, because you may have come into contact with the COVID-19 virus while travelling.

Download package 1 – Welcome home. Stay home.

2. Build community immunity with social distancing.

The COVID-19 virus can only spread through direct touch or through infected droplets from coughing or sneezing. This means we can build community immunity with social distancing and personal prevention.

Download package 2 – Build community immunity with social distancing.

Staying Connected

We understand that the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak can exacerbate stress and feelings of loneliness. It’s important to our health, well-being and stress levels that we don’t confuse the necessary physical distancing with social isolation. Thanks to technology, there are many ways that the campus community can stay connected and support one another during social isolation. On this page, you will find unique and innovative suggestions on how to stay busy and healthy while doing your part to help contain the virus.

Student Emergency Support Fund

The Algoma University Student Emergency Support Fund was established in response to the financial hardships our students are currently facing. As a caring and committed community, we continue to put the success of our students at the forefront of everything we do – your support will provide immediate assistance to students with urgent needs during the COVID-19 crisis, and help them to continue their educational journey

Community Care & Support

The Government of Canada has put comprehensive entry and exit protocols in place to help ensure the safety of all travellers and residents. These protocols address all areas that could be affected by the 2019-nCoV.

The most effective ways to prevent illness from spreading continue to be: frequent and thorough hand washing, practicing proper cough and sneezing etiquette and staying home when you are sick. Visit the Algoma Public Health website (Sault Ste. Marie campus), the Region of Peel website (Brampton campus), or the Porcupine Public Health Unit (Timmins Campus) for more information.

Being a diverse university, we must take care not to draw assumptions based on culture or ethnicity. There are currently more than 50 countries representing a multitude of cultures within our ever-growing Algoma University family. This is what makes our community so unique. Diversity is our strength.

You may see people wearing a mask, but don’t assume they’re sick. Wearing a mask is a personal choice, and some people choose to wear masks as a form of prevention.

Stay home if you feel sick, check in on friends and be mindful not to draw assumptions based on culture or ethnicity.

It is not uncommon to feel scared and confused, and to place blame while you are trying to make sense of a difficult situation. The best thing we can all do right now is to remain calm and continue to approach all members of the Algoma U community with the respect, empathy and kindness we all deserve. We must remind ourselves to be aware of how our words and actions might affect others, particularly now, when some might be feeling isolated or frightened.

Please remember Algoma University is a community that values diversity and inclusion and we encourage everyone to look out for one another. Let us all continue to be an example of a deeply caring and kind community.

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