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Athletic Financial Awards

Algoma University is pleased to provide Athletic Awards to incoming and returning student athletes.

Student athletes participating on inter-university teams, as defined by either Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) or Ontario University Athletics (OUA) are eligible to be considered for athletic scholarships, bursaries, and awards.

No application is required. Recipients are selected by Algoma University’s Department of Athletics in consultation with the Scholarships & Awards Office. Athletic Scholarships will be based on academic achievement and athletic excellence and administered in accordance with all Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) and Ontario University Athletics (OUA) regulations as follows:

Awarded to first-year students who have a minimum entering grade average of 80 per cent, or the equivalent G.P.A., on those courses used to determine his/her university admission, and, are listed on the eligibility certificate and eligible to participate in at least one OUA conference competition on behalf of Algoma University. Students must be registered in at least 18 credits per academic year (September – April) to qualify. Athletic scholarships are for a period of one academic year (September – April) with the possibility of renewal.

Awarded to second, third, or fourth year student athletes who have attained a minimum 70 per cent or higher on all registered course work within the last academic year he/she was listed on the eligibility certificate for Algoma University. Student must be active participants in good standing on an OUA team and must be registered in a minimum of 18 credits per academic year (September – April).

The maximum combined value of athletic awards any one student-athlete can receive is $4,500.

The Team Jacobs “Follow Your Dreams” Bursary will be used to provide an award, valued at a minimum of $500, to an entering Algoma University student-athlete, participating in varsity sports as defined by OUA. To be eligible the candidate must be enrolled in full-time studies, with a course load of 30 credits, in any program, over two consecutive term of study (fall/winter). He/she must have a minimum entrance average of 80 per cent, or equivalent G.P.A. on those courses used for admission and have a demonstrated financial need. This award is non-renewable.

The Cross-Country Student Athlete Award, will be used to provide two awards valued at $500 each, one for a female student-athlete and one for a male student-athlete participating in the Algoma University varsity sport cross-country running, as defined by OUA. Eligible student-athletes will be in their second, third, or fourth year of study and must meet OUA academic eligibility requirements and all other regulations. Final selection for each award will be based on the student-athlete with the highest average. This award is non-renewable.

The value and number of awards given are at the discretion of the university.

The Dr. Lou & Mae Lukenda Foundation Bursary will provide awards to student-athletes in any year of study (a minimum of one award for a male student-athlete, and one award for a female student-athlete valued at $1,500 each). Eligible students must have a demonstrated financial need, and be listed on the CIS-OUA Eligibility Certificate as members of an Algoma University inter-university sport. (Preference will be given to qualified student-athletes participating in the basketball program). Eligible students must comply with CIS and OUA academic eligibility requirements.