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Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre

Shingwauk Hall, a central and integral part of the Algoma University campus, was first established in 1873 as a residential school for First Nations children, and operated as such until the Shingwauk Indian Residential School closed in 1970. The building is one of the oldest landmarks in the Sault Ste. Marie area.

With the support of the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association (CSAA) and Algoma University, the history and activities associated with Shingwauk Hall are being gathered under the auspices of the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre (SRSC), allowing the public to become more aware of the vast history and tradition represented by the Shingwauk buildings and site. The SRSC is a cross-cultural research and educational development project of Algoma U, the CSAA, and the National Residential School Survivor Society.

Shortly after the closure of the Shingwauk Indian Residential School in 1970, and in the early years of Algoma University College’s relocation to the present site, residential school Survivors of the Shingwauk Indian Residential School, their families, communities, and allies, became catalysts in the growing Healing Movement, culminating in the introduction of the original Shingwauk Project in 1979 and the 1981 Shingwauk Reunion. From these watershed events began the decades-long work of collecting, organizing, and displaying photographs and other residential school materials, conducting research, and educating the public that led to the establishment of the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association and the Shingwauk Project, now known as the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, respectively.

As a vast collection of documents chronicling the experiences of residential school Survivors, the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre is one of the important ways we honour the history of our campus. Our staff, faculty, and students are actively involved in the process of collecting and digitizing one of the largest archives of residential school life in all of Canada, thus preserving the heritage of our location.


The SRSC is located in room EW 202 of the East Wing of the main Algoma U campus building, off of Shingwauk Hall.

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 8am – 12pm
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays: 1 – 4pm

Archival services, site tours, and services for Survivors and their families are available outside of the hours listed above with an appointment. Site tours must be booked two weeks in advance.

For more information, contact or 705-949-2301 ext. 4623.