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WUSC Thank you Blitz (15th Year Anniversary)

Every year we dedicate this week to thank all of the students who supported us through the student levy WUSC fee that helps support our Student Refugee Program.
This year it is also our 15 year anniversary as a local committee on campus so we are throwing a thank you party for all the students,

OH SNAP! An Introduction to Snapchat & Instragram

Having trouble understanding how to reach your audience on Snapchat and Instagram? Interested in a new way to express your brand? Do you just want to know how to make your own fun filters?
Join YouLaunch as we present special guest speaker Dani Gagnon from CampTech to help us learn all about making photo worthy content and the channels available to share it!

Movie & Letter Writing Campaign

The Sociology Club and CESD Club is inviting the community, staff, and students to attend an evening of learning about current social issues in Colombia surrounding the implementation of the peace-accords.
Come out to EW205 on March 20th from 4-7pm to view a movie and participate in a letter writing campaign to stand in solidarity with Indigenous and Afro-colombian communities who have been impacted by conflict related to development interests in Colombia.

Board Game Break

Mental Health Services, in collaboration with Student Services, invite you to take a break from studying and assignments! As the semester comes into full swing, it is important to remember to make time for yourself and to connect with others.

Using the Web in 2017: Options to Increase Research Efficiency

The Research Services Office is pleased to offer a session on “Using the Web in 2017-Options to Increase Research Efficiency”.  This session is presented and facilitated by Dr. Pedro Antunes. The presentation will include information such as: (a) Research Website Design and Content,