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Rotary Santa Claus Parade

On November 17th, the city of Sault Ste. Marie will celebrate this annual community event. Thousands of people line Queen street to see festive and brightly lit parade floats. It’s the city’s way to kick-off the holiday season and  once again Algoma University is entering a float and we want as many students and staff as possible to join in the fun.


Savour the lip-smackin’ BBQ at the Ribfest…Boogie to the continuous free entertainment on Stage 1 sponsored by OLG and Stage Two…Frolic in the Tenaris PlayZone where you get hands-on and creative…Squeal with delight as you fly through the air on the chilling carnival rides…Replenish and refresh at the Rotary food court…Delight in the family memories being created…all and so much more at ROTARYFEST!