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Experiential Learning Support Seminar

Experiential learning engages students in hands-on experiences and builds transferable skills highly sought after by employers. Participating in experiential learning as part of your university experience can help connect you to your future career! Join our experiential learning support session to learn more about the different ways that you can connect with experiential learning opportunities and community partners.

New Graduate Transition Program Workshop – All Killer, No Filler

All Killer, No Filler: How to craft a cover letter that gets you noticed.
“Communication” is still a highly valued skill set that employers across all industries consider when hiring a new employee. You’ll be exposed to the core concepts of self-marketing –

New Graduate Transition Program Workshop – The Obstacle is in the Way

The Obstacle is the Way: How to get out of your head and into your life.
Challenge your ideas about work by confronting its changing nature. Through innovative self-reflection, you’ll gain change management skills and strategies to help you transition from education to employment.

RCMP Career Presentation – November22nd

A uniform with your name on it is waiting for you!
Lifelong adventure in every part of Canada and around the world, the RCMP offers an exceptional career, letting you make a real difference in your community and your country.