Tuition and Fees for United States Students

To make education even more affordable, we’re offering tuition to American citizens at domestic rates! That means you, our American neighbor, pay exactly what we Canadians do! Where else are you going to find a deal like that?

Fees are identical to Canadian student fees, with the exception of an additional $25 per credit International Student Recovery Fee (ISR). 

A typical full-time student will enroll in 30 credits per academic year, or 15 credits per semester.

All US students and their dependents must enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), or a similar approved plan, for health coverage. The premium cost for a single student is $624 for the period from September 1 to August 31. This fee is subject to change upon evaluation of the program. US students will not be permitted to register until and unless they have enrolled in UHIP or provided documented proof of membership in another similar plan. Please consult the Office of the Registrar for further information.

*2018-19 Tuition for United States Students





15 (one semester) $3,258.43 $402.59 $3,661.02
30 (one year, or two semesters) $6,516.86 $805.18 $7,322.04

*Fees Breakdown


This fee is collected on behalf of AUSU to support student government operations. Funds are used to support programming, campaigns, student advocacy, clubs and health initiatives. Fees are collected by the university and then transferred to AUSU to manage.


This fee is collected to allow the University to provide fitness and recreation programming to students. The staffing required to implement and support intramurals, fitness classes and other health-related activities are all supported by this fee.

Student Centre

This fee is collected to help offset the construction costs of the Student Centre and AUSU offices as part of the ICT expansion in 2005.

Student Services/WUSC

This fee is a combined fee with $5.20 going to support the WUSC Program (annual refugee student support).


This fee is collected to provide students with a full membership to the athletics facility and use of equipment. It also entitles students to have access to open court time.

GLC Trust

This fee supports the overall operations and enhancements of the George Leach Centre.


This fee is collected as a student contribution to the Varsity Athletic program at Algoma U. With this fee, students are provided free admission to all of the varsity home games.

Ancillary Fees

This fee goes to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). Each student pays this fee in order to be a part of AU’S membership of CFS. This group advocates for students from offering subsidized handbook production and campaign materials to providing representation and advocacy for social issues awareness and change to the government. They also provide safe and constructive space for university and college student unions/associations (also in the membership) to collaborate and discuss campus successes and conflicts.

Student Enhancement Fee
This fee is used to help offset costs associated with the student experience by enhancing computer labs, access to health services, student safety and campus life initiatives.


This fee is collected to allow students to legally make copies of copyright protected materials. Students can copy, fax, scan, store, email or print these material. The Library staff can provide more details as to the specific amount of an article, chapter or book that can be legally copied and shared.


3 Credits

6 Credits

9 Credits

12 Credits

15 Credits

Tuition $767.13  $1,436.13 $2,099.95 $3,093.11 $3,258.43
AUSU $14.57 $29.15 $43.72 $58.30 $72.87
Athletics $17.70 $35.33 $52.97 $70.65 $88.29
Student Centre $16.01 $32.01 $48.02 $62.40 $80.03
Student Services/WUSC $11.08 $11.08 $11.08 $11.08 $11.08
GLC/GLC Trust $53.95 $53.95 $53.95 $53.95 $53.95
Varsity $25.90 $25.90 $25.90 $25.90 $25.90
Student Enhancement Fee $33.66 $33.66 $33.66 $56.11 $56.11
Copyright $1.20 $2.40 $3.60 $4.80 $6
CFS $1.67 $3.35 $5.01 $6.70 $8.37
**Total $942.86 $1662.96  $2377.85 $3444.61  $3661.02

*The undergraduate tuition and fee schedule shown is in effect for May 2018 – April 2019. The Algoma University Board of Governors reserves the right to amend fees after the publication of the Academic Calendar and without further notice. Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year will be available in May 2019.

**Additional Fees

Off-site Ancillary Fee

The Off-site Ancillary Fee applies to courses not offered on the Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario campus.

Parking Fee

Parking is permitted in designated areas only. All students, visitors and staff must park their vehicles in the main parking lot. There are spaces provided in the upper lot for those with handicap permits. No parking is permitted on roadways or driveways and unauthorized parking could result in the vehicle being ticketed or towed away at the owner’s expense. Bicycles, while exempt from parking fees, must be parked in the bicycle racks provided on campus.

Parking cards can be purchased for each semester or for the entire year at the Cashier’s Counter in the Main office (Room SH312). Fees are $100 per semester. Please note that fees are subject to change.

Daily users will be subject to a $5 parking fee upon each exit.

Laboratory/Studio Fee

Selected courses in Biology, Chemistry, Film Studies, Physics, and Visual Arts will be assessed a Laboratory and/or Studio Fee. Laboratory courses will be charged an additional $20.80 per 3-credit course, and studio courses will be charged an additional $15.60 per 3-credit course.

Field Trip Fee

In some cases there may be courses where an additional fee is charged for field trip expenses. This fee will be assessed when registered.

Cooperative Education Fees

Regular academic fees do not cover Cooperative Education (COOP) courses, regardless of the number of academic credits carried. Therefore, Coop fees are always assessed in addition to regular academic fees. Students registered in Cooperative Education are assessed additional fees as follows:

  • Registration in COOP 0101 and in COOP work terms, the fee is equivalent to 1.0 credit tuition fee.

Late Registration Fee

New students may register up to the first day of classes with no Late Registration Fee. Returning students must register before classes begin.

Spring 2018 Late Registration Dates

Late Fee

April 9 – April 13 $30
April 16 – April 20 $50
April 23 – June 22 $60

Fall 2018 Late Registration Dates  

Late Fee

July 16 – August 10 $30
August 13 – August 31 $50
September 3 – September 21 $60

Winter 2019 Late Registration Dates

Late Fee

November 12 – November 30 $30
December 3 – December 21 $50
January 7 – January 18 $60

Health Insurance

Students who are taking 12, 15 or 18 credits in a semester must be covered by the health insurance plan provided by the Algoma University Students’ Union (AUSU) at a rate of $310 per year.

Students who have registered in full-time courses and have comparable coverage may opt out during the designated opt-out period found on the AUSU Student VIP website. You may only opt out during the semester opt-out dates that were set when you began full time.

Students who are part time and registered with the learning center may be eligible to be enrolled on the plan. For more information, contact the AUSU office at 705-949-2301 ext. 4719.