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The World Awaits You

Algoma University offers more than just a unique classroom experience. For students interested in taking their classroom experience to exotic destinations and foreign countries, they can take part in a variety of study abroad opportunities. Algoma U is committed to providing students with a cross-cultural learning experience, whether on campus, or somewhere else in the world.


There are countless benefits to studying abroad. Many of our students have cited their time abroad as being the most enlightening experience and the best part of their university degree. Below are just some of the benefits cited by those who have ventured abroad.








Studying abroad gives you the chance to have an adventure and an exceptional international learning experience while earning credit toward your Algoma University degree!  Study abroad experiences come in all shapes and sizes, from as short as a few weeks to a full year, with many options in between.Find the right one for you!


For more information on studying abroad at Algoma University, please contact exchange@algomau.ca.



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