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Arendt’s Theory of Political Action

Trevor Tchir

When Dr. Trevor Tchir defended his dissertation at the University of Alberta on German political theorist Hannah Arendt (1906 – 1975), he thought his research on the Jewish prisoner of war was over. However, a resurgence of right wing populism in Europe and North America, as well as the publishing of the Truth and Reconciliation… Read more »

Decolonizing and Indigenizing the Academy


The Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre (SRSC), housed in the East Wing of Algoma University’s campus, is an invaluable research resource for residential school Survivors, students, academics, and community members. Third-year student Skylee-Storm Hogan has worked in the SRSC for almost two years, and it has provided her with notable opportunities to get involved in public… Read more »

Finding Inspiration in Northern Ontario

Andrea Pinheiro

Initially, Professor Andrea Pinheiro had no plans to move to Northern Ontario. Like many other aspiring artists, her younger self had set her sights on the trendy Canadian west coast, where she would earn her undergraduate and graduate degrees before setting up a permanent studio to develop her works. However, time spent in Elliot Lake… Read more »

Mapping the ‘Food Deserts’

Nairne Cameron

Since 2008, Dr. Nairne Cameron, Associate Professor in the Department of Geology and Geography at Algoma University, has been an important voice in Sault Ste. Marie for food security. Her research has helped raise awareness about the various problems facing the Northern Ontario community in regards to food access. From outside of Ottawa, Cameron was… Read more »

Research Restores George Whalley’s Place in History

Michael DiSanto

Dr. Michael John DiSanto of the English Department has devoted the majority of his academic career to the lives and works of literary luminaries Joseph Conrad and D. H. Lawrence. However, a conversation in the fall of 2009 with his undergraduate mentor, Dr. Brian Crick, inspired him to study George Whalley, a neglected Canadian icon… Read more »

Ornithologist Fills Knowledge Gap on Birds

Jennifer Foote

Dr. Jennifer Foote has taken the title of bird watcher to an extreme. From studying the sounds, songs, and behavioral habits of the winged species, Foote is in every sense, a bird watcher extraordinaire, who has dedicated her post-secondary studies and academic career to ornithology. Today, she calls Sault Ste. Marie her home, and carries… Read more »

Research Helps those with ALS Communicate

George Townsend

Nestled in the bottom floor of the West Wing lies one of the many hidden gems of Algoma University. Tucked away in the back corner, in the former art studio spaces, are the computer science faculty offices along with the Brain Computer-Interface Lab, home of Dr. George Townsend’s remarkable, cutting-edge research. Since 2007, Townsend has… Read more »