Business Administration



Dave GalottaDave Galotta (Associate Professor, Chair of Social Sciences Division)
Telephone: 705-949-2301 ext. 4318
Office: NW 304D

Credentials: B.Comm. Hons. (Queen’s), MBA (Queen’s), CMA

Areas of Expertise: Financial accounting, corporate accounting and business strategy


Cathy DenommeCathy Denomme (Associate Professor, Department Chair)
Telephone: 705-949-2301 ext. 4343
Office: NW 304E

Credentials: BBA Hons, (Algoma), MBA (Windsor)

Areas of Expertise: Human resources, health and safety, managed systems, ISO registration and ISO internal auditing


Aaron Gordon Dr. Aaron Gordon (Assistant Professor)
Telephone: 705-949-2301 ext. 4376
Office: CC 401

Credentials: BA (Trinity Western), B.Ed (Alberta), MBA (Lansbridge), Ph.D. (Capella)

Areas of Expertise: Leveraging employee motivation through strategic human resources planning; aligning project management with change management for systems planning; merger and acquisition planning within not-for-profit and government organizations; and integratred healthcare modelling


Henry HornsteinDr. Henry Hornstein (Assistant Professor)
Telephone: 705-949-2301 ext. 4328
Office: NW 304C

Credentials: BBA, MBA, Ph.D. (Calgary)

Areas of Expertise: Organisational change management, consumer behaviour, Canadian business


Avatar, or placeholder imageDr. Gerry J. Mahar (Assistant Professor)
Telephone: 705-949-2301 ext. 4758
Office: NW 304B

Credentials: B.A (Guelph), B.Ed (Queens), B.Comm Hons. (Windsor), B.Sc (SUNY–Albany), M.Sc (Waterloo), M.Ed (Toronto), Ph.D (Waterloo)

Areas of Expertise: Management of technology and innovation, applied operations research and industrial sales management practices in the IT industry


Avatar, or placeholder imagePelham Matthews (Associate Professor)
Telephone: 705-949-2301 ext. 4329
Office: NW 304

Credentials: B.Sc (McGill), MBA (Concordia)

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, small business and entrepreneurship