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Transfer Credit Policy and Assessment

You’re Closer to a Degree than you Think!

Algoma University is committed to ensuring that the transfer from college to university is as seamless as possible.  We have block transfer credit agreements with all Ontario colleges that provide college graduates with maximum recognition for their prior learning experience.

Additionally, specific credit transfer pathway agreements have been established with certain diploma programs to provide graduates with greater transfer credit following a specific pathway.

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Quick Facts About AU Credits
  • One course – 3 credits
  • One semester – 15 credits
  • 3-year degree – 90 credits
  • 4-year degree – 120 credits

Anyone who completes a 1-year College Certificate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can receive up to 15 credits towards a Bachelor of Arts program.

Diploma TypeDiploma Average
Transfer Credits
Balance of Credits
Required for 3-Year
Degree (90 Credits)
Balance of Credits
Required for 4-Year
Degree (120 Credits)
3-Year DiplomaGPA over 3.0
GPA of 2.5-2.99
Up to 60
Up to 30
2-Year DiplomaGPA over 3.0
GPA of 2.5-2.99
Up to 45
Up to 15
1-Year Certificate
(Bachelor of Arts Program only)
GPA over 3.0Up to 1575105

*This policy accounts for graduates that transfer from a diploma to a related degree (ex. Business – BBA). College graduates transferring into an unrelated degree program will receive a limited amount of transfer credit.

In general, Diploma-to-Degree students studying full-time (15 credits per term) will take anywhere from two to five terms to graduate with a three-year Bachelor’s degree, and four to seven terms to graduate with a four-year Bachelor’s degree. The maximum number of transfer credits for the Bachelor of Science degree is 36. Transfer credit ultimately depends on grades, length of diploma and field of study. We also have exceptional pathway agreements with numerous colleges offering transfer credit that goes beyond the standard Block Credit Policy.

Block Credit Policy provides maximum recognition for your prior learning experiences depending on grades, length of diploma and field of study.

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For more information on transfer credit policy, please contact collegeoutreach@algomau.ca.