Strategic Research Plan

Recognizing that research with regard to Anishinaabe and Indigenous communities, cultures, and contexts has implications for all areas of scholarship, Algoma University made the strategic decision to identify Anishinaabe and Indigenous communities as a priority area for research. The University acknowledges a special responsibility in terms of supporting Anishinaabe communities in their self‐determination initiatives, in creating meaningful opportunities for knowledge exchange, and for enhancing our collective understanding of different ways of being and knowing the world, whether from Western, Anishinaabe, Cree, Mohawk or any other Indigenous perspective.

The above ‐mentioned priority is at the core of the first of the four research clusters identified in this strategic plan for research. The other three clusters, ‘Cultures and Creativity’, ‘Life and the Environment’, and ‘Socio‐economic Issues of Northern, Rural, and Remote Areas’ are linked to the core cluster of ‘Anishinaabe and Indigenous communities’ and form part of the fabric of our regional heritage and landscape within Northern Ontario. The concept of ‘northern, rural and remote’ resonates with many other Canadian and circumboreal cultures that share a rich heritage embodied within indigenous peoples globally.

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