Animal Research

The Animal Care Committee is Algoma University’s regulatory committee responsible for the ethical assessment of all protocols for animal care and use in research and teaching. As a committee of the university Senate, the Animal Care Committee is comprised of a veterinarian, animal users, non-animal users, as well as student and community representatives. This broad base of membership provides diversity of expertise and insight.

All research or teaching that involves animals must go through Algoma University’s Animal Care Committee to attain ethical approval prior to any project commencing.

2016-2017 Animal Care Committee Membership

  • Laurie Bloomfield
  • Salimur Choudhury
  • Istvan Imre
  • Amanda Roe
  • Cindy Ross (External Rep)
  • Rod Jouppi (Consulting Veterinarian)
  • Brandi Bell-Tanninen

To contact the committee, email