Department of Music Ensembles

“A music education contributes to cognitive development: stronger connections between brain regions, more grey matter, improved brain structure and function, better memory and attention; and higher IQ.”

Conservatory players

The Department of Music Ensembles are a vibrant part of Algoma University’s creative and artistic community. The ensembles typically rehearse two to three hours per week and perform in a minimum of two concerts per year.

Algoma U Jazz Ensembles

In this course, students develop improvisation and ensemble playing skills through the rehearsal and performance of various works from the jazz repertoire. Students will arrange and perform works from a variety of styles and eras within the jazz idiom. The jazz ensembles will perform on campus and in the community throughout the year.

Algoma U Choir

The Algoma U Choir offers the opportunity to explore and perform great choral music in a friendly group environment. Under the direction of Agnes McCarthy, this ensemble is offered as a three-credit course to all Algoma U students. The group is made up of students in the music program, other faculties, and our local community. The choir sings music from a wide variety of style periods, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary. The choir presents at least two concerts a year and regularly performs in and around Sault Ste. Marie.

Algoma U Musical Theatre Ensemble

The Algoma U Musical Theatre Ensemble course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to the art of performing musical theatre. Vocal techniques, style, stage movement, and performance approaches are explored through selected works that will be prepared for a public concert at the end of each term. This course is open to all Algoma University students with a basic level of vocal skills.

Duo Turgeon

The husband-and-wife piano duo Anne Louise-Turgeon and Edward Turgeon have established themselves as one of  North America’s prominent piano duos, having performed at hundreds of venues throughout North America. For more information, please view the Duo Turgeon faculty profile.

To see photos of the various ensembles, visit the Algoma University Facebook page.