Our Program

Music is one of the most important forces in our lives. It is a vital aspect of the human experience, which involves us in a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual way. Learning to play music stimulates more areas of the brain than almost any other human activity.

It fosters discipline and analytical skills, as well as creativity and imagination, and it demands commitment to personal expression that is engaging and very rewarding. At Algoma University, we celebrate music.

“The Theory of Relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My parents had me study the violin from the time I was six. My new discovery is the result of musical perception.”

Albert Einstein

Our three-year Bachelor of Arts degree provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to explore music as a career by developing the fundamentals of performance, theory, and musicianship. We offer courses in performance, audio arts, conducting and a variety of music theory courses. We also provide an extensive variety of jazz-based courses. Performance courses are offered in the following areas: piano, organ, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, string bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, percussion, jazz piano, and jazz guitar.

Our ensembles (Algoma University Choir, Jazz Ensemble, and Music Theatre Ensemble) are very active within the local community, and provide our students with ample opportunity to perform at public venues.

We strive to create an inclusive, learning-centered experience, which involves all music students at a comfortable level. Development of reliable performance skill is nurtured through weekly performance classes, where you will discover and develop your musical voice.

Our Department of Music is made up of faculty who are experts in the field. They are active and in-demand as examiners for the Royal Conservatory of Music, sought-after for advanced master classes and clinics. Algoma Music faculty have held positions at various prestigious colleges and universities. They hold earned graduate and/or terminal degrees from some of the most prestigious institutions in North America and Europe. Several have won top prizes in national and international music competitions. All music faculty demonstrate profound commitment to their craft through continued national and international active recording, teaching and research careers. Algoma music faculty go above and beyond in the classroom, while ensuring that Algoma students receive all applied lessons each term. They are committed to each student’s total development, not only while in the program, but after graduation as well.

Admissions Requirements

Students wishing to earn admission into the program must have successfully completed ENGL4U and maintained a cumulative average in their top six U or M-level courses. In addition, candidates for admission to our program should have completed Advanced Rudiments (R.C.M.) or the equivalent, and must undertake a placement audition and/or interview with the Dr. Edward Turgeon. Only after the completion of this process may a student register for applied music major courses.

Auditions typically occur between the months of January and April, although in the interest of maximum flexibility and great service, the department can accommodate an audition during  any month as needed. In some cases, it has been arranged for auditions to occur at a prospective student’s town or home, on occasions when a faculty member happens to be travelling (for professional reasons such as competition judging, or a concert performance) close to the prospective student’s hometown. Algoma University will do everything to accommodate student’s needs and assist with logistical issues associated with the audition process (such as travel).

Students holding credits from accredited conservatories, colleges, and/or universities may be eligible for advanced standing. Such credits will be considered on their individual merits, and auditions and examinations may be required to demonstrate levels of competency in particular subject areas.

For more detailed information on audition requirements, please visit our Audition Requirements section.

Of all Ontario universities, Algoma U offers some of the most generous scholarship and bursary assistance. For more information, please visit the Scholarships and Awards section of the website.