Computer Science

Our Program

Algoma University has a reputation for having a world-class computer science program. With state-of-the-art technology and computer labs, along with small class sizes and one-on-one interactions with faculty, our computer science students are well-prepared to enter the work world immediately upon graduation.

In the computer science program at Algoma University, you will gain a strong theoretical and practical foundation in the study of algorithms, programming languages, and the design and construction of computer systems and applications. The program is primarily concerned with the overall theory and application behind the design of algorithms, programming languages, hardware architecture, systems software, application software, and tools. Students will have a solid foundation in data structure, programming, assembly language programming, computer organization, operating systems, theory, software engineering, algorithms, and computer networking. Courses are also offered in artificial intelligence, human-computer interactions, web data management, Internet tools, among others.

Students will learn how to program and code using SQL, HTML, ANSI C++, Java, and Javascript.

Our program adequately prepares students for higher education, including graduate studies in computer science and other computer-related fields. In their fourth-year thesis course, students will perfect their independent learning skills, along with their research, presentation, and academic writing skills to prepare students for advanced studies. Other courses, including those in mathematics, as well as special topics in mobile device programming and brain computer interfacing, will expand students’ knowledge and breadth of the field of computer science.

Degree Options

Students have three options when pursuing computer science at Algoma University. Students can earn a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCOSC), a Bachelor of Computer Science (General), a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (General).

The four-year Bachelor of Computer Science degree is a flexible program that lets students tailor their studies to different areas of specialization. There are more elective options than in the Bachelor of Science, so students can combine computer science with numerous other disciplines. Students can further enhance the quality of their degree by specializing in one of three concentrations, including mobile software engineering; computer game technology; and computer game technology and the creative arts.

The BCOSC general degree is a very flexible three-year program that students can use to gain rapid entry into the workforce. It is especially useful for students with other degrees who want to pursue a second degree in our accelerated second degree program which allows those graduates to gain a second degree in one calendar year. It is also an attractive option for students who are extending their Community College degrees through any of our many pathways for entry. The accelerated second degree program’s summer session can provide fast-tracking to a degree for those students.

Students in the BCOSC (General) program can apply their elective courses to one or more of the courses in either our Computer Game Technology or Mobile Software Engineering streams.

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is the right choice for you if you are preparing for a graduate degree or a career in one of the major technology industries. The program puts a strong emphasis on mathematics and the use of mathematical approaches to understanding and applying computer science.

Certificate in Information Technology

Algoma University’s certificate in information technology is designed to teach students the basic information technology skills needed to find a job, whether or not they already have a university degree in an unrelated area. Students can apply all of the courses taken in the certificate program toward the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree, and can be completed on either a part-time or full-time studies basis.