Students studying CESD at Algoma U have countless opportunities available to them.  Students can interact with researchers and get real hands-on work experience, both of which are an asset to securing meaningful work upon graduation.

The Animator (CESD News)

The Animator is a quarterly newsletter created and published by the community economic and social development program. In the newsletter, students will receive articles on CESD students, alumni, and research. Students will also receive information on upcoming events. By subscribing to the newsletter, students are ensuring that they always receive valuable, up-to-date information, and are aware of everything happening within their program.

The CESD Club

The CESD Club is an association of students in the community economic and social development program at Algoma University, as well as supporters of CESD principles and ideals. Algoma University’s CESD Club commits to undertaking campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness of, and attempt to redress, local and global issues. These initiatives include developing The People’s Garden on Algoma U’s campus, performing ongoing academic research on a range of community concerns, and coordinating an international learning exchange with the community of Intag, Ecuador. To contact the CESD Club, please email cesdclub@gmail.com.

NORDIK Institute

The Northern Ontario Research, Development Ideas and Knowledge (NORDIK) Institute, housed in Algoma University, partners with communities to solve practical issues that are important to municipalities, First Nations, and community organizations in Northern Ontario. NORDIK offers business, organizational, and community development support. Created with the help of CESD Professor Dr. Gayle Broad, NORDIK has been instrumental in investigating key issues which directly affect Northern Ontario.

Students are viewed as a key resource for NORDIK’s research. In addition, faculty and experienced researchers also provide mentoring and guidance to student research assistants. Students can become involved with NORDIK in a variety of ways, including as volunteers, interns, summer student programs, work study programs, and through graduate studies supervision.

For more information, please visit NORDIK’s website.

The People’s Garden

The People’s Garden, located on the Algoma University campus, is an initiative started and maintained by the community economic and social development program, in partnership with the Algoma U Student Food Bank, Student Services, and Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig.

The People’s Garden was undertaken in an effort to address student food security, as well as to provide an arena for fun on-campus events and community-building activities. The garden provides fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables to students, staff, and faculty through on-campus events and distribution in the Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA) Lounge.  It also supplies Algoma U’s Student Food Bank with ongoing contributions of healthy, locally-grown produce, in an effort to address the food insecurity often faced by students. The garden provides opportunities for unique events on campus throughout the season, including corn roasts, pumpkin carving contests, seed exchanges, harvest dinners, and of course, planting and tending the garden! For more information, or to get involved in the People’s Garden, email peoplesgarden82@gmail.com.