Degree Options and College Transfer Pathways

Certificate in CESD

The Certificate in CESD requires that students complete 30 credits from:

  • CESD1006E
  • CESD1007E
  • CESD2016E
  • CESD2017E
  • CESD2604E
  • CESD2607E
  • CESD3016E
  • CESD3017E
  • Six additional upper-year CESD credits

Minor in Environmental Sustainability

This minor provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to understanding environmental sustainability, drawing on critical ecological theory, diverse issues in environmental justice and ecological economics, and applied approaches to ecological and community resilience.  Students will explore diverse strategies to solving sustainable community development problems, and the building of collaborative and inclusive environmental initiatives that emphasise a relocalization of economies. There will be a special emphasis on northern, rural, First Nations, and Indigenous communities.

Minor in Social Justice and Globalization

This minor provides students with a critical focus on globalization and its impact on communities within a holistic (economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental), interdisciplinary framework. Students will explore multiple conceptual and theoretical bases for community development knowledge and practice, including the social construction of theory and practice that may reflect social injustices.  The minor will provide students with the ability to identify decolonizing, inclusive, and collaborative community development practices, with an aim of advocating for social justice, conflict resolution, and reconciliation.

George Brown College Transfer

Students who have successfully completed the Community Worker program at George Brown College may qualify for advance standing in the CESD program.

Seneca College Exceptional Articulation Agreement

Students who have successfully completed the CESD program at Algoma University may qualify for advance standing in Seneca College’s Social Service Worker program.

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