Career Outcomes

After completing a degree in CESD, students are opened up to an array of career paths and opportunities. Students can continue with higher education after completing an undergraduate degree by pursuing graduate studies.  Many of our students pursue graduate programs and receive hefty government grants to help fund their research. Choosing to continue with higher education is ideal in today’s competitive work world. Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Arts in CESD (Honours) can continue their studies in a variety of graduate programs such as:

  • Masters in Sustainable Development
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters of Science in Rural Planning
  • Masters of Science in Applied Economics
  • Master of Arts in Community Development

For those who choose to enter the workforce upon graduation, below is a list of some of the career paths our graduates have chosen or can choose with a degree in CESD:

  • Program Officer
  • Community Development Officer
  • Research Assistant
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Consultant
  • Youth Coordinator
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Community Researcher/Facilitator
  • Employment Counsellor
  • Housing Development Officer
  • Community Organizer
  • Social Services Administrator
  • Legal Advocacy Worker
  • Job Developer
  • Case Worker
  • Foundation Manager
  • Public Relations and Communications Officer
  • Environmental Stewardship Coordinator
  • Green Energy Consultant
  • Policy Analyst

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If you have any questions about what you can do with your CESD Degree, please contact:

Cindi Elgie
Coop and Career Services Advisor
705-949-2301, ext. 4214
Office: SH 203

  • Alumna Testimonial

  • Alumna Testimonial

  • Allyson Schmidt

    Allyson Schmidt
    MA, Sociology
    BA, CESD

    “In my fourth year placement, I organised an advisory committee for the Soup Kitchen to change into a Community Health Centre. It was such a great experience.  The placement allowed me to bring the skills I had learned in class and apply them to the centre.  I was given freedom to explore and develop new projects and analyse how effective other plans were.  I was subsequently hired by the Soup Kitchen.”

  • Carly Breckenridge

    Carly Breckenridge
    BA, CESD

    “I loved the passion in the students at Algoma. I did a lot of social and environmental activism and volunteer work while at school, from gathering like-minded individuals to tackling today’s issues on campus with the CESD Club to helping grow organically produced food, free to the student population. This all added to my future and my degree. It stretched me as an individual and gave me the hands on experience that I needed to solidify what theory was learned within the classroom.”