Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a new student to a university can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be! Many students are in the same situation as you, and common questions will often arise. We hope the answers below will help.

Date: By June 3, 2019.

Location: Log on to the OUAC website to review/change your application.

Additional Information: To accept your offer, part-time students may phone 1.888.ALGOMA.U or email

Date: Balance is due August 9, 2019.

Location: Student Accounts, NW 307, email

Additional Information: To register you must pay a nonrefundable deposit of $400 or $200 per semester (with an exception for students who are band funded or applied for OSAP prior to June 30th).

Note: Students receiving OSAP will have an automatic extension to September 27, 2019 for fees. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their account balance is paid-in-full by the deadline and that their OSAP or other resources are sufficient to cover any fees.

Date: After June 10, 2019.

Additional Information: Orientation Week begins September 3, 2018.

Date: September 4, 2019.

Additional Information: Course schedule is available at

Date: ASAP

Location: Contact Jennifer Reid, Learning Centre 705-949-2301 ext. 4221 or email

Additional Information: Please meet Jenn and provide documented diagnostic information.

Date: Late August/early September. Check online or go into the Book Store.

Location: or in the Book Store – NW 100 1st Level.

Additional Information: You may purchase books online and pick them up when you arrive on campus. Books may be available new, used or as rentals.

Date: After registering for courses.

Location: IT Helpdesk located in the Arthur A. Wishart Library.

Additional Information: Please bring one piece of photo identification.

Date: Beginning of each semester.

Location: Purchase in Student Accounts NW307 or online.

Additional Information: $100 per semester.

Date: Beginning of each semester.

Location: Rent a locker from Student Accounts, NW 307. To rent a locker in the ECC building, visit NW 103.

Additional Information: Shingwauk Hall locker fee $8.60 per semester. ECC locker fee $5 per semester.

Date: ASAP

Location: Rose Linklater, 705-949-2301 ext. 4215 or email, Residence Office, Spirit Village Residence.

Additional Information: The deadline to apply to residence is June 3, 2019. Visit our Apply for Residence section.

Date: Deadlines for changing course schedules:

  • Fall: September 13, 2019
  • Winter: January 18, 2019

Location: Office of the Registrar, NW 307 or, email

Additional Information: Please see an academic advisor SH 202 – SH 206 prior to making any changes.

Date: Appointments available daily.

Location: NW 307

Additional Information: Reach out to your assigned advisor, make an appointment by emailing, or drop in!