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Online Courses

Algoma University is proud to be a member of the Ontario Online Learning Consortium (OOLC) providing a number of resources for students, faculty, and practitioners who are interested in online and technology enabled learning.

The university is excited to offer the following online course as part of the OOLC’s initial portal launch:

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ADMN 4376 International Marketing (17F)

Designed to introduce the student to the nature and practice of international marketing management.  The course presupposes prior knowledge of general marketing management and builds on this base to develop an awareness and understanding of the peculiarities of international and multi-national marketing.  The subject matter focuses on analyzing marketing across national boundaries. The course covers the full range of international marketing operations from the exporter to the multi-national firm. Three main sections of the course are: introduction to the international environment; marketing principles and practices as applied internationally and multi-nationally; and integration and coordination of international marketing programs.  Prerequisite: ADMN 3127 (lec/cst) 3 cr

BIOL 3556 Concepts in Health Informatics (17F)

This course provides a broad introduction to health informatics, the field concerned with the application of information and communication technology (ICT) for the acquisition, storage, management and use of information in health care. The course provides an overview of current developments, issues and challenges in the emerging field of health informatics and covers various underlying themes including proper use of information technology, appropriate data entry, data privacy concerns, decision support, electronic health/medical records, ethical issues, etc. The course, considering viewpoints in public health, nursing, ICT in medicine and computer science, is a series of lectures supported by self-directed learning which culminates with a required essay/report. Pre-requisite: one of PSYC 2127, 3256, 3286, BIOL 2056, 2996, or SOCI 2127 or permission of the department.  Students may not retain credit for BIOL 3556 and BIOL 4206, or any special topics course in PSYC or SOCI where the topic was Health Informatics. (lec 3) 3 cr

COSC 1701 Computer Applications I (17F, 18W)

This is a general introductory course in personal computing with special emphasis on the applications of microcomputers. The general concepts of computing will be reviewed. Students will gain practical experience in the use of software including word processors, spreadsheets and database systems (3 cr).

Online Course Availability

Note, COSC 1701 is available during the fall 2015 (15F) and winter 2016 (16W) academic terms.

How to take courses online

If you are interested in completing an online course for credit towards a degree at another institution, please follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Apply by visiting the Apply section of the website
  2. Have your home institution approve the course(s) to be completed by Letter of Permission (LOP). Once the approval process for the LOP is complete, your university will forward the valid letter to regoffice@algomau.ca or by mail to:

Algoma University
Office of the Registrar
1520 Queen Street East
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2G4

Details on course fees are available in the Tuition Deadlines and Fees section of the website. Important registrarial dates and deadlines are available in the Office of the Registrar section.

Please note, the refund policies and deadlines at Algoma University may be different from those at your home university. The last day for withdrawing from a course without academic penalty (F grade) is much later than the deadline for withdrawing and receiving a tuition refund. Students are charged for all courses in which they enroll whether or not they attend class.