Career Link


Today’s global workplace is diverse and constantly changing. Open to all students, Career Link is a co-curricular Certificate program that develops career skills, connections, and includes a work experience component to position you for career success. Start now and link early to your future career!

Career Link is based on current research on what employers are seeking, and was built in partnership with the community. Though designed for the Northern Ontario labour market, the high-demand skills students build in Career Link will be relevant in any location.



Ildiko Horvath

Career Link Coordinator


What is Career Link?

Career Link gives students in all academic programs at Algoma University an opportunity to develop career skills and connections to prepare them for life after graduation.

Students in the Career Link program will participate in skill development workshops, hands-on work experience, mentorship, networking, and self-reflection.

Students who complete Career Link will earn a Career Link Certificate to be awarded at convocation and noted on their academic transcript.

Who can participate in Career Link?

Career Link is designed to be flexible with an open registration process. Students can complete the program components during any term and choose options based on their interests. Career Link can be completed in one academic year or over the course of four years – or anywhere in between.

Career Link is run through the Experiential Learning Hub (EL Hub). The program components are a collaboration between many Algoma University departments as well as the surrounding community. Registration is currently open and the orientation workshop for new and returning students in the program is scheduled for January 2021.

Why Career Link?

Career Link gives Algoma University students tools to set themselves apart in a competitive job market. Students who have completed Career Link will emerge from the program with work experience, a career network, and a Career Portfolio. Career Link graduates will be able to articulate the skills they have worked hard to develop in university in a common language employers can understand.