Student Profile: Farrukh Asif Khan

An Experience of a Lifetime


Farrukh Asif Khan had never owned a jacket before she came to Algoma University. With temperatures in her hometown of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia reaching 30 degrees - at night - she never needed one. How times have changed.


As spring came to campus, Farrukh welcomed the warmer weather, but the 2nd-year Business student takes the temperature in stride, calling it “all part of the experience.”


The experience is why she ended up at Algoma University in the first place. She admits that it isn’t the first place that students from Saudi Arabia choose when looking to study abroad, but as the oldest in her family, she blazed a trail here, along with her younger brother, Shahrukh Asif Khan. They chose Algoma U because “it was small, cost less, and wasn’t in a big city.” She admits to being surprised by the size of Sault Ste. Marie upon arrival, but she is an opportunist, and recognized that this was “an opportunity to do something that most kids don’t get to do.” She is indeed making the most of it.


When Khan isn’t working in the Development office as part of a co-op placement or taking the marketing classes that are her “favourite”, she serves as Secretary on this year’s Student Union. She was a Frosh Week leader, has applied to be a Residence Advisor, she has served as the President of the Algoma Multicultural Students Association, and has just successfully won an election bid to become President of the Algoma University Student Union for the next academic year.


As for her plans post-graduation, Khan would like to stay in Canada, but thinks she’d like to move to a bigger city to study corporate law or public relations. She credits Algoma U for breaking her out of her shell: “I feel like I fit in better here,” she says. “Back home I was less outgoing and more rebellious – this has been one of the best experiences of my life!”