Chartwells, one of Canada’s largest Food Service providers, offers full cafeteria service to all students on the Algoma University campus. “Impressions” Catering Service is available as well.


Cafeteria Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm


Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Saturday & Sundays: 11: 00 am – 5.30 pm



Meal Plan Information:

The Campus Meal Plan is:




  • No need to carry cash, just your student card


  • Save up to one dollar per transaction "No transaction fee"





  • Commit now and know that you'll be eating all year


  • Losing your card doesn't mean losing your money





  • You can add to your plan anytime



The Plans:

Chartwells offers four meal plans at Algoma University for students living on or off campus. Meal Plans are based on declining balance system.


A. $1345.00 per semester on a declining balance with a guaranteed charge of $13.50 per day on weekends when we are open. Mandatory for Dorm Students.


B. The lighter side $1190.00 per semester on a declining balance with a guaranteed charge of $13.50 per day on weekends when we are open. This is mandatory for dorm students.


C. Living in Town House and don’t feel like cooking? Purchase a $650.00 meal plan with a declining balance. Use as you need and you save on the taxes as well.


D. Convenience Card. This plan serves our commuters, Faculty and Staff. There are no tax savings it is simply a convenience not to worry if you have the cash today. Initial purchase $100.00 and you can add to it as needed.



Please Note: All of these plans are non-refundable.


Plan A & B must be purchased through Algoma University. However, you can purchase C & D online by visiting the Dine on Campus website. We accept Visa and Mastercard.




How to contact us

For questions regarding Chartwells and Services, please email us at

Or call 705-949-2301 ext 4726





Your meal plan can be used in the main cafeteria. Here's what you can look forward to....


  • Morning Editions: A variety of fresh fruits, yogurt, sliced breads, muffins and bagels. Popular breakfast sandwiches and traditional favorites.


  • Menutainment: International variety of nutritious specials along side our comfort food favorites...all made to order


  • The Fresh Grille: Inspiring variety of grilled entrees, warm salads, vegetarian choices and buckets of sides.


  • Garden Emporium: A harvest variety of fresh salads and home-made soups


  • Roasters




How do I purchase my on-campus mandatory meal plan?


Mail completed application or email


What if I forget my card?


Your student card is the key to the whole system. If you forget it, you will have to pay cash.


What if I lose my card?


It is very important that you report a lost or stolen card immediately to the Chartwells Manager. Only by reporting your card missing, can you be protected. You are responsible for any unauthorized purchases; up the time you report the missing card. The missing card will be deactivated and a new one issued at a cost of $15.00.


Can I increase the value of my plan?


Yes, after purchasing one of the plans you may increase the value by increments of $50.00.


Can I lend my card to a friend?


No, the owner of the card is the only person that can present the card for the purpose of debiting a meal plan.


Are you a vegetarian or have special dietary requirements?


Our Manager will be happy to meet with you to discuss your dietary concerns and, if possible, provide suitable suggestions.


Communication with Chartwells

We understand that each of us is comfortable communicating in different ways. To meet these needs, we provide several different communication methods, including interactive tools:


  • What's Happening Board -- Located at the entrance, the What's Happening Board is where we post our weekly menu, promotions, new items, hours of operation and contact information.


  • Let's Talk Board- Interactive feedback system in the Dining Hall where you ask the question and we post our response within 24 hours.


  • Meal Time Interaction- If you have a question, ask! The most effective feedback we receive is by you speaking with our associates and management. We will do the same, so don't be surprised to see us out asking you how you liked an item, service or promotion.