Office of the Dean

A heartfelt welcome to you.


Our history harkens back to the 1830's, when a visionary leader sought to establish a place of learning in a community created some 200 years earlier, in the 1630's. The history and tradition of our origins is one in which we maintain a steadfast commitment: to educate men and women to find truth in thought, in engagement, in dialogue. And to do so in a community of scholars, teachers and students.


You are undoubtedly facing one of the most exciting times of your life, where intellectual exploration and adventure is paramount. While your purpose for doing so will earn you advantage, we are intent on inspiring you to develop leadership and responsibility to the generations that follow you. What we offer you is a depth, breadth and engagement of learning that invites you to the process of learning; we do this in an intimate, innovative and energetic climate. This is our mission. Your promise is unfolding and one that we invite you to share with us so that we may help create the leaders of tomorrow.


It takes both will and opportunity to succeed; learning is the means by which success is achieved. We hold dear the trust you place in us in this process, as it is you who will shape the world of tomorrow, and beyond.


Arthur H. Perlini, Ph.D.
Academic Dean & Associate Professor of Psychology,
Algoma University