As Algoma University seeks to fulfill its mission to offer an exceptional undergraduate education, research plays an increasingly important role. We recognize that all faculty research is a valuable component of that mission, and as we proudly grow in our new role as Ontario’s nineteenth autonomous university, we will distinguish ourselves through the people and issues of the region we serve. In particular, research at Algoma University will recognize the significant importance and contribution of the First Nations.


We recognize also that research opportunities provide students with the skills, techniques and cutting-edge knowledge that will enable them to become agents of positive change in their communities through knowledge transfer and cultural enrichment.


Key Personnel

Dr. David Schantz
Vice-President (Academic and Research)

The Vice-President (Academic and Research) is responsible for implementation of both the institution’s Strategic Academic and Research Plan in the areas of academic program management, research and development. He is responsible for all aspects of planning, development and implementation of a research strategy compatible with the Strategic Research Plan and the mandate of the University. He is responsible for Algoma's overall research profile and the coordination and execution of the research plan. He provides leadership in securing funding for strategic research initiatives, assists in the coordination and facilitation of research networks and research advisory committees, and ensures that faculty-based support mechanisms for researchers are developed and implemented. He is responsible for the approval of funding applications emanating from the University, and is the senior University official for which liaison with funders occurs. The Vice-President (Academic and Research) develops research partnerships with academic and research-based nonacademic institutions, promoting research synergies, exchange and supports.


Ms. Tiffany Gallivan, B.B.A.
Accounting & Grants Officer

The Accounting and Grants Officer manages Start-Up funds (tracking expenditures, issuing purchase orders), Travel and Research funds (processing advances and expense claims, tracking faculty allotments and providing financial information to faculty), and performs a number of duties with regard to Research Grants, such as maintenance of files and records, tracking deadlines, providing in-house expertise on external funding and liaising with external funders.