Psychology is the study of individual behaviour in human and non-human animals and how the brain contributes to these behaviours. For example, the field of psychology investigates how and why people are susceptible to visual illusions, why individuals will follow group behaviours, and how non-human animals (such as birds and bats) find their food and communicate with others. These and other interesting topics are discussed in the wide variety of courses offered at Algoma.

Our psychology program provides many different courses[link], enabling students to select the courses that are most applicable to their interests and future goals. Many of our psychology graduates have furthered their studies at the Master’s and Ph.D. levels, have been accepted into teaching programs, and have gained employment in their fields of interest. This has been in part due to our 4th year thesis course; this is an independent study course which allows the student to select a topic of their choice, conduct an extensive review of the background literature pertaining to that topic, design their own experiment, collect and analyze data, and present their research at the Algoma University Annual Psychology Thesis Conference[link to pics]. This experience at Algoma University differs from other universities because at Algoma U, you get to select the topic and design your own study, whereas at larger institutions you are typically “assigned to” a study already underway or planned in a research laboratory. At Algoma University, the thesis experience is thoroughly enjoyed by our students, provides the training and skills necessary for future success in many fields, and completes the requirement for an Honours degree in psychology.

Whether you want to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree, gain a basic background for a mental health career, or contribute to advanced studies and research, at Algoma University we provide you with the learning environment, research potential[link to pic], and the comfortable setting of a smaller university in which to explore your potential, broaden your horizons, and develop your skills. We have knowledgeable professors with varying backgrounds in terms of research interests, and offer opportunities to work alongside our professors to gain valuable research experience.

Please visit our other pages to learn more about the faculty in the Psychology Department and the degrees in Psychology that you can earn here at Algoma University.