• 1600 students studying in more than 30 programs. 1300 students studying in more than 30 programs.

    Whether you want to take Psychology or Visual Arts, Business or Law & Justice, we've got a wide range of programming for everyone.

  • Do research . . . as an undergrad.

    At Algoma, there are no graduate programs, which means that undergrads have opportunities to assist with faculty research projects.

  • World class research.

    Algoma University is home to three research institutes, each doing world-class research in their fields and making a difference in our community and beyond.

  • Entrance average for most degree programs: 77% Students in lecture

    We send a higher ratio of students to post-graduate studies than many larger universities, and our students tell us they're better prepared when they get there.

  • Get more face time.

    Smaller classes mean that you get to know your profs, and they know you. This leads to better academic success and relationships that can help you before and after graduation.

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Family Profile

The Brodbeck family

Keeping up with the Brodbeck-Michauds

For Maddie Brodbeck, her undergraduate education has been extraordinary and guided by the mentorship of her parents, Dr. Brodbeck and Professor Michaud.

Student Profile

Alexandra Banacquista

Study Abroad – But Only for a Bit

Since the summer of 2011, Algoma University has been offering short-term study abroad opportunities. Students can venture to a foreign country for as little as one week or as long as one month.